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Become a Co-explorer!

Join a community of exploration enthusiasts and gain access to our subscriber-exclusive content, offers, and events!

Dive into the action with Mission Assignments! These can range from ways to support the team to fun mini-adventures that get you exploring outside, growing as a person, or making a difference in others' lives. Fill out our survey to qualify for Special Mission Assignments catered to your personal interests and geographic location!

Earn recognition for your achievements and accomplished Mission Assignments with badges and awards on your own personal webpage!

10% of your subscription goes to help champion important causes​. Quite heroic of you!

  • 19.99$
    Every month
    Explore along with me through Mission Assignments and more!
    • Enjoy exclusive content
    • Get exclusive offers
    • Attend exclusive events
    • Complete Mission Assignments
    • Earn badges & unlock achievements
    • 10% helps charities/causes!
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